Perfume Oil Sample Sets



This botanical perfume set contains natural fragrance samples with a mix of spicy, woody, floral, sweet, dark, and smokey scents, allowing you to sample many of Broome & Kenmare's natural fragrances.

Included are oil samples in glass vials filled with 2ml of concentrated fragrance perfume. Available in sets of 5 or 10, each one will be unique.

Oil samples may include:

| SHADOWY RECOLLECTIONS| Vetiver, White Musk, Amber, Blonde Woods, Camphire Smoke
Earthy, woody, oriental.

| TWILIGHT IN SIAM | Ginger, Kaffir Lime, Frangipani, Frankincense, Smoke.
Oriental, aromatic.

| LOVE & DISASTER | Palo Santo Resin, Tahitian Lime, Patchouli
Mystical, sweet, and sour.

| ANTIQUE LAVENDER | Green Sage, Ylang Ylang, Cabreúva, Lotus, French Lavender
Herbal, green, earthy aroma.

| HOWLING CYPRESS, OVERGROWN ROSE | Cypress, Rose, Orange Blossoms, Vetiver
A walk on a cold night through a forest. Floral, green.

| CABINET OF CURIOSITIES | Cedar, Dark Amber, Patchouli, Frankincense
Mossy, resinous, woody scent.

| STERLING | Violets, Iris, Peach, Neroli Blossom
A light floral, cold scent.

| BLOOD ORANGE & CEDARWOOD | Blood Orange, Clary Sage, Atlas Cedar, Buddahwood, Sea Buckthorn
Aromatic, citrus.

| AFTER THE RAIN | Petrichor, grass, wet moss, coriander.
Herbal, dirt.

| AEGEAN | Lemon, Tea, Olive, Anise.
A spicy, Mediterranean blend.

Please note, samples may be changed out due to availability.

Customer reviews

3 reviews for Perfume Oil Sample Sets

  1. jnt9en

    Love these scents. So does the boyfriend, who smelled Cabinet of Curiosities on me and vastly preferred it to my usual Ralph Lauren perfume, which he said made me smell like Cruella de Vil. So, not only will you not smell like you kill puppies, you’ll also smell lovely and ravishing and go on a tiny little scent adventure with each one- they soften and change over time and after like an hour adjust to your skin and almost feel like they’re made for you specifically. Love love love.

  2. Leslie

    These all smell so good!! I have been trying them out and have gotten lots of compliments, I still have a few to go and am really loving these fragrances! They come in super cute corked bottles and I will definitely be ordering more to give as gifts. I am so stoked that I found you and am looking forward to trying more of your perfumes!

  3. almostafairygodmum

    As this was my first purchase from this shop I was uncertain what to expect. But not only did the vials arrive swiftly and safely, they are packaged in a unique manner that is both tasteful and giftworthy. AKA I would not hesitate to order samples in the future to add to a gift. I love that the scents each come on a unique card as well as with a very clear label. The vials are charming and an interesting addition to the collection as the corks are easy to open yet very sufficient at keeping the scent in the bottle. Absolutely smashing work! I look forward to future selections as I am able. Thank You for sharing your creations.

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