the Aegean | Perfume Oil



*Sicilian Lemon
*Pink Pepper

Spicy, Sweet, Tart

A mystical Mediterranean perfume infused with the local spices of Cardamom and Anise blended with Mandarin and Tonka Bean. You stand looking out at the water, a distance away. Stark white homes blend together, contrast with the teal of the sea and the emerald of the plants. A steady breeze is filled with the scent of lemon and spice.

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  1. Irena

    I received this scent and a few samples (thank you!) were added to my order. First off, I love cardamon, which is why I was attracted to this. It is a spicy cardamon/licorice scent. I found it very sharp and mysterious. This was not a feminine scent IMO, but not a masculine one either. It’s hard to describe the scent classification. I’m happy with this, as I prefer natural perfume, it’s been a bit of a “hit and miss” as many smell too aromatherapy – this is not the case here. This was initially a strong and sharp perfume, that changed fairly quickly to a much softer one. If you are a ‘connoisseur’ of perfume, I would recommend getting a sample to try this – it was well blended and ‘unique’.

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