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Scent Type
Gourmand, Woods

Each twirl of her gown gives off the gentlest vanilla, rich and warm. With just a hint of... bourbon? A familiar and cozy scent, like coming home out of the cold wind or entering your private library. Sweet, but not cloying.

This oil-based fragrance is available as a 2 ml sample and a full-sized 8ml packaged in a vial with a cork stopper.

Scent descriptions from customers:

“Reminds me of a Manhattan cocktail”

“I definitely know what they meant by library”

“Smells like a dessert”

"Vanilla and a little smoke"

“The scent lost some of the bourbon and smokiness and is mellowing out to a cookie-like scent. I smell cookies now. I want a cookie. I'm literally going to get a cookie.”

Customer reviews

1 review for Elegance & Disgrace | Perfume Oil

  1. Megan

    This scent is so perfect. I’ve never had anything like this. It really does smell like cherries, vanilla, bourbon, and the musk is not overpowering. Truly unique, truly lovely.

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