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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Wear Perfume? What's The Difference Between Solid Perfume Or Oil Based?

Solid, or wax bases, perfumes work best in heated areas or in the summer. They’re meant to be worn behind the ear, the knees, the toes. They blend with your body chemistry and develop as they heat up. They’re intimate and close range.

Oil based perfumes have a wider reach than solid and can be detected from further away. They can be worn on the wrists and neck, but traditionally are stronger when applied behind the ears and allowed to blend with your body heat like waxes.

Spray perfumes, usually alcohol based, have the largest reach and speak out the farthest, yet dissipate the quickest. The immediate impact of the scent lingers for a short time and gives way to the last act within an hour or two. Best applied in exposed areas as heat will increase the rate of evaporation of the scent molecules.

What Does 'Natural' Mean?
Broome & Kenmare products are 100% natural. That means there are no synthetic ingredients, parabens, phthalates, or petroleum-derived products.

Fragrances are made with a combination of botanical infusions, extractions, enfleurage, maceration, and essential oils.

Is Natural Environmentally Friendly?
This is a complicated question with a long answer. But the short of it is this – if we deem an ingredient to be too damaging on the environment, it is not used. An example of this is Brazilian Rosewood. Due to the piracy involved in created oil from this tree and the endangered status we do not utilize its oils. Instead, we make natural accords that resemble the oil and mimic its highs and lows. This is done via a combination of other ingredients much like making a perfume. If you see the note “Rosewood” in a profile, that means we have created an accord to feel and smell like rosewood, although none has been used. The same goes for the term “Musk” – we are not using deer musk, but creating a natural accord to give off the scent.
How Are Natural Perfumes Or Commercial Perfumes Different?
Commercial style perfumes utilizing aroma molecules have higher longevity and a much larger range of scents to work with. They allow for a range of common scents to be created like Apple, Pumpkin Spice Latte, or French Baguette. The perfumes tend to be linear and long-lasting. Each note stays consistent in the perfume from start to finish. This creates the common commercial scent you are familiar with from department stores. Nowadays, very few commercial perfumes utilize many natural ingredients.
Natural perfumery requires a different understanding of composition. Many scents like “apple” do not exist and must be carefully hinted at in creations. The scents are more romantic and earthy – evoking something primordial. They evolve throughout the day and you might be surprised how complex they can be. Natural perfumery requires you to listen in a different way. It can take time to adapt away from the linear power of synthetics to the subtly of natural scents.

Truthfully though, commercial perfumes and natural perfumes are two completely different products. They have so little in common that it’s almost difficult to compare.

I Have Allergies. What Should I Do?
If you’re not sure which products to try due to allergies, reach out and we can confirm the products that have none of the concerning ingredients.

• Certain oil based products will contain a variety of oils, among the most common are coconut oil, avocado oil, almond oil, and moringa oil.

• No products contain gluten or wheat derivatives

• Certain products contain concentrated plant oils that may cause a reaction. Some botanicals or oil may cause a rash in persons sensitive to those ingredients. If you have plant allergies, let us know, or otherwise test the product on a small area.

Can I Change Or Cancel My Order?
Yes, you can cancel an item or order if it has not yet entered the shipping process.
When Will I Receive My Order?
Orders are processed within 1-3 business days from the time we receive them. They are usually shipped via USPS First Class Mail or USPS Priority Mail, though this is not a guarantee. You will receive an automatic notification from us once your order has shipped with a tracking number.
Our ground shipping typically takes 3-9 business days for your order to arrive at your door.
What Is Your Return Policy?
Our products are bottled to order, and therefore made specially just for you. As such, we unfortunately cannot take any returns. If you’d like, please try a sample before purchasing a full size.
International Orders
At this time, we only ship within the United States. We’re a super tiny shop and aren’t prepared to manage the complexities of international shipping regulations. If you reach out, we can determine if a special order makes sense.