Embers – New Fragrance Release


Fire, Smoke, Leather, Amber, Amyris, Tobacco, Myrrh

Body & Heart

Top lasts 15 minutes. No body.

Dry Down

Drydown lasts 8 hours, slowing down at the 6-hour mark.


Fragrance becomes subtle and soft at the 8-hour mark.

How does this fragrance unfold?

0 – 5 minutes

This is dark and strong- it’s the moonlight hour and a walk away from the campfire. You smell the nearby woods, the dirt, the thick air.

5 – 10 minutes:

Hints of spice develop. You remember the warm campfire. Over time, the fire and smoke grow and enhance as you move closer.

10 minutes – onwards:

A soft, powdery, smoke, leather develops. The smell of fire. Something ethereal just past the smoke.


While this starts fresh the true fragrance develops 15 minutes in, revealing its dark smoke. This fragrance lasts 8-10 hours and stays rather consistent for much of the time.

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Embers – New Fragrance Release

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