Delicate stories told in each scent

While these meditative scents exist to tell delicious stories over time, they also help produce and change your states of mind. As the volatile botanicals escape, they soothe or energize your mind as they release on your body.

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A set of our best and most unusual scents, combining citrus notes, forest after rain, fresh exotic air, each of which can be combined with each other.

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These are unique fragrances, unlike any others. They are not reminiscent of commercial fragrances, Instead, these blend with your body and tell a unique story over time.

Handmade in small batches

Free of parabens and toxic chemicals, these clean and natural perfumes use custom hand-crafted infusions of botanical in blends of oils and alcohol.



This scent is so perfect. I’ve never had anything like this. It really does smell like cherries, vanilla, bourbon, and the musk is not overpowering. Truly unique, truly lovely.



Love these scents. So does the boyfriend, who smelled Cabinet of Curiosities on me and vastly preferred it to my usual Ralph Lauren perfume, which he said made me smell like Cruella de Vil.

So, not only will you not smell like you kill puppies, but you’ll also smell lovely and ravishing and go on a tiny little scent adventure with each one- they soften and change over time and after like an hour adjust to your skin and almost feel like they’re made for you specifically.

Love love love.

Arrived in beautiful packaging. The aromas are absolutely incredible. Bought two as gifts and one for me.



As this was my first purchase from this shop I was uncertain what to expect. But not only did the vials arrive swiftly and safely, but they are also packaged in a unique manner that is both tasteful and gift-worthy. AKA I would not hesitate to order samples in the future to add to a gift.
I love that the scents each come on a unique card as well as with a very clear label. The vials are a charming and interesting addition to the collection as the corks are easy to open yet very sufficient at keeping the scent in the bottle.

Absolutely smashing work! I look forward to future selections as I am able. Thank You for sharing your creations.

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